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   Personalized images are different from One-off images in that may appeal to others as well. This would be generic type imagery that may appeal to a wide range of people (see razors with blue banners in the upper right corner on Shop page). Personalized razors start off at 79.95 and can increase based on the intricacy of design.

Does Razortek own the rights to my artwork I submit for a personalized razor?


While you do retain all rights to your own imagery and artwork that you submit for a personalized razor, you grant an exclusive license to Razortek to allow Razortek to place your artwork on it's razors or any other grooming products. 


What is not acceptable on a personalized razor?


Any artwork, imagery or elements that belong to someone else.


What if the image doesn't appear to be copywritten? 


Most all works are protected by copywrite, even if they do not have the copywrite notice seal. In order to use imagery or artwork you did not create, you will need to get written permission by it's author and submit that to Razortek. Consult an attorney if you are uncertain about whether something is copywritten.


Can I use an image found on the internet, search engines or social media?


No, because even if an internet post claims you are free to use and they charged you for it, they may not have to permission to post it in the first place. You cannot use any artwork unless the author of the work has granted you a license to use the work or is in the public domain.  


Can I submit a photo of a company logo that I  took to put on a razor?


No, Taking a photo of a logo does not automatically give you the right to sell merchandise featuring that photograph. Taking a photo, does make you the owner of the photograph, not but not the logo in the photograph.


What if my artwork or imagery is based on that of third party?


If your artwork or imagery is based on a third parties work, the work you are using may be protected.  

If the work is close enough to see that there are portions used and obvious similarities then you probably will need to get permission of the author. You should consult an attorney before you attempt using this type of artwork.


Is parody acceptable?


No, any imitation with a deliberate exaggeration for a comic effect, or any other effect will not be acceptable.


Can I use Stock photos or clip art?


Stock photos, clip art and other photo type material contain license agreements that usually do not grant the right to produce merchandise. There may be specific uses for these photos or artwork. You should consult an attorney to determine if you may use the images, and you will have to submit the license agreement to Razortek for confirmation. 

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