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Our Mission

At Razortek, it's our specialty razors that distinguish us from conventional razor companies

Razors313 is a high-quality non-disposable razor that brings a creative uniqueness

not found with any other razor. The images are lasered marked, not etched. This process allows the entire razor's head to remain smooth unlike etching which would crete thin grooves. Also, the marked images are permanent and will not fade. Razors313 provides a precision, wet-shave with 

a standard two-sided blade.

(available from most retailers who sell men's razors).

We at Razortek hope you enjoy your Razors 313 razor,

whether you are using it, gifting it or displaying it.

About us

thomas poladian

Founder of Razortek LLC.


When it comes to men’s grooming, I am all about thinking about form and function, a product that is unique and serves a purpose, with creativity always the priority, I have assembled a talented team who are well motivated, diverse, and highly creative who think along the same lines as I do.  We share ideas, creating new and interesting things within the grooming industry focusing on unique products that have never been made available before.  I hold a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science and a MAT degree ( with Science Endorsement) from Wayne State Univeristy. At Razortek the mind set is creativity over conformity, and we work hard at bringing unique products for our customers to enjoy.  


Thomas Poladian

Founder Razortek

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